Jia Youdao saw this scene,That was almost kneeling“Dare not dare,The leader speaks,what’s the matter,I will do it。”

This is the legendary superpower,Even if it’s not the kind of Guoan,It’s definitely not something they can afford。
“All right,Don’t be afraid,How long has Rui Mengmeng worked from here,You settled all her salary,She will be ours from now on,It has nothing to do with your restaurant。”
“Good,Leader wait,I’m going!”Jia Youdao walked out in a hurry,Rui Mengmeng with a dumb face left。
“That one,Two chiefs,I don’t seem to be doing anything illegal, right?,You are?”Rui Mengmeng’s little head at this time,Not enough to support her idea。
“You will be a member of the country from now on,But in the future you will face greater danger,Not only foreigners,There may even be aliens in the future。Don’t ask why,Because you have the ability,Have a heart to contribute to the country,What i said,Can you understand?”
Rui Mengmeng wants to say that she doesn’t understand,But she feels that it’s better to ask about the benefits。
“That one,I want to ask,What is my salary,how many?”
“Talk after dinner,I can only tell you two words,a lot of,And the treatment is good,Beyond your imagination!”
Chapter Fourteen Rui Mengmeng signs a contract
One thousand and eight meals,Normal amount,Enough for ten people,But in front of Xin Zhao,These are not things。
Compared to Xin Zhao’s heartlessness,Rui Mengmeng is very unpleasant to eat。
First of all,She lost her job,And two seemingly unreliable people are going to draw her away,I heard that life is still in danger。
Gosh,What evil did Rui Mengmeng do in her last life,This life will have such a destiny。
“rose,If you’re okay, go out and print a few contracts,All relevant conditions are recorded,Is there a problem?”When Xin Zhao saw Rose finished eating,,Said directly to Qiangwei。
‘Can i say there is a problem!’
After I secretly despised Xin Zhao,,Qiangwei walked out directly。
As for Rui Mengmeng,Saw Qiangwei go out,It’s a little frightening to eat。‘This guy won’t be rough to me, right?,If so,What should i do!’

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