You know the scene here is simply too different from what he imagined,It’s just beyond imagination,so,For her,Her mood can be said to be unprecedented joy。

The houses here are all small bungalows,very ugly,Must have a building,And every household seems to be farming。
He has seen a lot of crops。The environment here is pretty good then,The blue sky and white clouds are much better than the foggy days smoked by car exhaust in the urban area.。
But ah,The living conditions here are indeed a bit poor。 But for Lin Yoona,It’s nice to be able to breathe the fresh air here
He grew up in the city since he was a child。I have never been here in the mountains。So this is the first time I came here to do design。
The situation between Baiqi and Lin Yoona is not too different。After the white car, Lin Yun immediately pulled to her side,Tell her:“Yoona,What environment is this?”
“It’s a bit too poor here?Isn’t this a poor area??”
Daughter said:“Ok,Probably so,There is no school here,Think about it, Xiao Fan established the school for charity。”
Baiqi said:“Damn,Really,This should cherish the current life,original。There are people who are worse than us。”
“But can people live in the house here??I was in the car just now,And see。You set it down and the whole house is made of stone。Doesn’t it leak when sleeping??”
Lin Yuna said:“Damn,I don’t know eh,But don’t worry。We should have built a room for the staff。”
“So the two of us will never live in that kind of big stone house,Do not worry。”
Bai Qi said:“That’s good,That’s good,Scared me。But the conditions here are really bad。”

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