The latter is certainly not stupid,I won’t face him head-on at this time。In fact, Qin Feng rarely met Zhang Qiang

Will be singled out。Not to mention that now when Qin Feng doesn’t have much combat power with both hands。
Just fortunately,Even if you can’t fight Qin Feng, you can still run。
Okay,Zhang Qiang is not the kind of person who does things with his anger。So he stopped after two steps,Then take a deep breath。
then,He changed his tone,“It looks like,You don’t want to leave here。”
all of a sudden,Zhang Qiang captured Qin Feng’s lifeline。Qin Feng dreamed of leaving this ghost place after being locked up for more than two weeks!
So now listen to what Zhang Qiang said,He is a little helpless,I can only stop and look back at Zhang Qiang,“Speak,What are the conditions?”
“Ha ha,Actually we don’t need to be hostile。”Zhang Qiang said。
“Do you think I want to join forces as an enemy?But you don’t see what you and your Zhang family have done?Skynet and I have an homicide,And your spiders are the signs of Skynet on the bright side,Can i not fight against you?”Talking about this,Qin Feng’s emotions became agitated。
After all, the grudge between him and the spider can no longer be reconciled。Too many people were involved in the struggle between the two sides,Even in Qin Feng’s side, many people died on the spider’s hands。
so,Both sides have long been immortal,It’s impossible to reconcile the conflict with Qin Feng and Yao Jia。
But deep in my heart,Qin Feng still wants to leave here,That’s why the two of you have the next conversation。
“We know you have won the pharmacist,Although this has caused some conflicts with us,But if you can make the pharmacist stand on our side again,We can let you go。of course,Associated,You can’t stand on Liang’s side。”Zhang Qiang directly stated Zhang’s request。
just,This is the most fundamental and primitive contradiction。So it is impossible for Qin Feng to achieve。

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