More than ten seconds,Ding Haijun finally spoke:“Soviet government……They agreed?”

Chen Geng said:“I passKGBSend my meaning over there,Now waiting for a reply there,What I am worried about now is,What is our attitude here?After all, we basically don’t have experience in flying large Soviet firefighting aircraft to perform firefighting tasks.,People from the Soviet Union will definitely come to China to perform rescue and fire fighting missions.。
Ok,I plan to rent a model from the Soviet Union,There is rice—26Fire extinguishing heavy helicopter,Ill—76Fire extinguishing heavy transport aircraft,Difference-12Fire extinguishing seaplane,Also planning to rent a batch of rice-8Helicopters are used for personnel transportation and rescue。”
The equipment mentioned by Chen Geng,All of them have never been in contact with China,The second automobile is the military equipment of the Soviet Union,This way,These people sent by the Soviet Union to carry out rescue and fire fighting must all be active duty soldiers of the Soviet Union.,Maybe there are Soviet spies among them,Ready to take this opportunity to secretly“Look”a bit,Then in this case,Can the Chinese government allow the Soviet soldiers to step on the footsteps of China?after all,The relationship between the two countries was so tense——Still nervous now,It’s just not as nervous as in previous years。
The meaning of Chen Geng’s remarks,Ding Haijun understands,But there is no need to say it。
“Your question……I can’t answer you now,”A moment later,Ding Haijun finally spoke:“But I will report your words to the chief immediately,I will give you an answer soon。”
It’s no use Chen Geng waits too long,Only about half an hour,Ding Haijun called Chen Geng again,As soon as the call is connected,Ding Haijun said:“If the Soviet Union is willing to help us fight fire and rescue in a non-military way,We will be very grateful。”
What is called“Non-military form”?
These people can be active soldiers in the Soviet Union,But must take off the military uniform,Firefighter、Perform rescue and fire fighting missions as volunteers and other non-military personnel,Rather than set foot on the land of China as a Soviet soldier。
First857chapter The difference in efficiency
“Volunteer、Come in as a fireman, right??”Chen Geng nodded:“I understand,no problem,I immediately communicated with the Soviet side,”Paused,Chen Geng hesitated,One more sentence:“But let’s be mentally prepared here,If the result is not ideal,Don’t be too disappointed。”
“I know,The leaders also understand,The situation between us and the Soviet Union is here,For the result you said,We are all mentally prepared,”Ding Haijun said happily:“Man-made,Soviet Union is willing to help、Willing to make some efforts for the normalization of relations between the two countries,Of course this is a good thing,But in the final analysis this matter is still our own business,The Soviet government can’t help,Let’s let this fire raging。”
With Ding Haijun’s words,Chen Geng has a bottom in his heart:The fire is hard to control、When our own disaster relief and fire fighting methods are really scarce,The domestic executives are really looking forward to Lao Maozi’s helping hand.,And if Lao Maozi did lend a helping hand,We will not only be grateful,For the normalization of relations between the two countries,Will also play a great role in promoting,But if Lao Maozi thinks this is a good opportunity to rob,Can take this opportunity to suggest some excessive、Even demanding requirements,So sorry,Back then, you had a million soldiers on the border、We didn’t frighten us with nuclear bombs,In the final analysis, it’s just some property losses.,We will never accept your damn blackmail——It sounds a bit overreacted,But this is also normal,Who made it in the past two decades,We have been in a tense confrontation with Lao Maozi?
He immediately said to Ding Haijun:“OK,I will convey our meaning here to the Soviet Union clearly。”
“Thank you,”Ding Haijun a bit,One more sentence:“correct,You have to tell the Soviets,To ensure smooth communication between both parties,And some unnecessary misunderstandings,We will send a liaison officer who is proficient in Russian on every plane they come over;In addition,In the process of disaster relief,These friends from the Soviet Union must be able to obey our orders and instructions,Don’t act without authorization。”

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