This is gathering evidence,Someone is already recording for me,,Then rely on these evidences,Enough to allow these self-media to bear the bitter fruit of their own brewing!

Police officers are really hard to do!
Every industry is harmful to the horse,Do not rule out that there are also police officers。
But the vast majority of police officers,Are really conscientious and very hard。
Work intensity is more tedious and not to mention,Run into these trash from the media,Even more painful!
If you can’t get it right, I’ll cut a short video for you to take it out of context and put pressure on it,If the top can’t stand it, it may hurt the bottom.!
It’s boiling in my live broadcast room,The number of viewers soared to more than three million in less than half an hour!
I think it’s almost the same,Just ask what their names are,Who gave them the qualifications and rights,So arrogant in law enforcement agencies!
They abused me,And have to do it!
The police officer already knows that I have collected evidence,Arrest all these people immediately。
Just clap your hands online,I think these self media are too arrogant,Doesn’t take the law seriously。
There are also people with ulterior motives,Only different views,Saying something strange,It seems that the police did something wrong!
I called these people directly on the live broadcast。
“If you really have evidence to prove,Law enforcement agencies have problems,Just say openly,Don’t be so sneaky and not like you。”
I broadcast the interrogation footage of those arrested from the media,The police are not afraid to disclose these。
Those self-media attitudes are still very arrogant,No repentance!
Soon after,Their accounts are permanently cancelled!
Now,It’s all gone。

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