Floating Cloud City Lord Mansion,All the great nobles gather together。

but,The so-called nobles,In other words, dominate in rural areas like Floating Cloud City,In their identity and blood,If it is in the three great cities,Not even a middle-class nobleman,So their strengths are also uneven,In the eyes of Lu Menglin and his group,At best, it’s a group of rich people from the countryside。
When the nobles of Floating Cloud City learned,The Wu Hao Domain Master in front of you,Not only has it been officially canonized by Tianzun God City,And it’s from the Guangming Dragon Temple“Dragon God’s favor”,And after seeing those shining temple guards,They don’t have any resistance at all。
All the nobles rushed to complain to the Wuhao domain master,Say they are innocent,Is threatened,All Liuyunzong suppresses people with strength,Forcing them to send troops to attack Hongliu City。
Lu Menglin didn’t spend too much time wrestling with them,But directly ordered,Kill Floating Cloud City Lord first,Then announce,All properties and weapons of Floating Cloud City,All confiscated,Turn over to the domain owner。
The nobles of Floating Cloud City dare not be angry,Dare not speak,Even City Lord Liuyun was cut off,Where do these people dare to talk more and bargain with the domain owner?。
then,Lu Menglin announced his second punishment against Floating Cloud City,All the nobles of Floating Cloud City present,Must pay a large sum of jade yuan and equipment,As war damages,And count the family population,According to the ratio of one-third,Send the children of the family to serve in the day gate。
So-called service,To put it bluntly is hard work,The veins over there need to be dug by hand,Floating Cloud City as the loser,Just to fill this gap。
If the nobles don’t want their people to go to Bairimen to do hard work,Can only continue to pay,Use a lot of jade yuan,Hire ordinary people from Floating Cloud City to go。
And Lu Menglin’s third opinion,Then it defeated the last fantasy of everyone in Floating Cloud City。
Master Wuhao of the Red Willow Region announced,A Bright Dragon Temple will be built in Floating Cloud City,of course,All expenses,All by the nobles of Floating Cloud City。
Once the Guangming Dragon Temple is built in Floating Cloud City,Then it means that sect forces like Liuyun Sect,No entry,Even if the Lord’s army leaves Floating Cloud City in the future,Liuyun Sect has no way to make a comeback,Because it means officially declaring war on the Guangming Dragon Temple。
People of Shenmin Continent and Gods people can only have one belief,Is the bright dragon god,If anyone dares to challenge this,Will be governed by the Bright Dragon God and the three major cities。
Those temple guards from the Dragon Temple,This move for the Dragon God’s favor,Express very satisfied。
These fanatics saw Master Wuhao’s devotion to the Dragon God,Able to be in such a desolate and remote place,Build a bright dragon temple,For spreading the belief in the bright dragon god,Has the role of benchmarking。
Although in fact,This Dragon Temple may be just for the time being,May not be able to win the favor of the bright dragon god,But for them,It can be regarded as a very important step on the road of practicing faith。
Learned from the captured Liuyunzong disciple,Liuyunzong is the first overseas sect,The location of its mountain gate,Is on an island in the open sea。
Floating Cloud City,For Liuyunzong and other overseas sects,Is an extremely important port of entry and exit。

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