The general content is nothing more than that he recently made some money,Want to donate,Then ask the other party to give Yuan Qing a place to go,And it’s still the quota of Wanghai University。

And also reported to Yuan Qing’s school and class。
“Maybe everyone’s starting line is different,But Yuan Qing is the same as Chen Chuang,She can also go to university。”
hang up the phone,Xiang Chen said lightly,As if I didn’t do anything just now。
Chen Qiang and his wife scoffed,Is it because Xiang Chen dared to pretend in front of him13,Do you want to applaud him??Wanghai University,That’s also a famous university in China,How could he be the kind of person in front of me,You can talk about it?
But when Zhang Chunxiang’s phone rang,And when Zhang Chunxiang uttered the word principal,The atmosphere in the air is a bit quiet and scary。
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Two Yuan Qing’s rescuer3
After Zhang Chunxiang answered the phone,Just called the principal,I kept nodding,Um ah ah,Show that you know the arrangement on the other end of the phone。
No one is questioning Xiang Chen’s ability this time,And Chen Qiang and his wife looked at Xiang Chen, their eyes were much more kind.。
Chen Qiang and his wife are not fools,Can arrange a place for Wanghai University with one phone call,It’s not something petty bourgeois families like myself can deal with,Even now the self-media information has developed,Various channels of exposure。
Besides, they didn’t hear the layout of Zhang Chunxiang’s phone.,Just judging from Zhang Chunxiang’s shocked look,It’s probably the same arrangement as Xiang Chen’s before。
Zhang Chunxiang won’t be on his side anymore!Regardless of the reputation of the school,Or something else。
Chen Qiang smiled,What to say,Xiang Chen didn’t give him any chance。
“Teacher Zhang,I think there should be nothing wrong with us,You can contact the security office,They should have surveillance video data,If Yuan Qing is lying,We are willing to take all responsibilities;If what Yuan Qing said is true,We are also willing to bear half of the medical expenses。I’m a little busy,Let’s say goodbye!”
Xiang Chen said with a smile,Turning his head and glanced at Yuan Qing behind him,The latter knows immediately,Push Xiang Chen and walk out,Only the four dumbfounded people stood in front of the teaching building,Somewhat at a loss……
“Don’t think I’m here to save you this time,You can think of yourself as something!You should be careful from now on!”
Yuan Qing is behind Xiang Chen,Pushing a wheelchair,I can also see Xiang Chen shaking his head and shaking his head。

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