“Why can’t you come,I have legs,It’s not that I can’t walk。”

The two asked completely knowingly,Completely messing around。
This move to the mountain formation really requires strength above the Holy Realm to get out,so what,Anyway, his strength outside is to transform his body。
The old man was so big by Xia Chenglong,He really has no choice。
Old man waved his hand:“Dear,Dear,You didn’t kill it, you didn’t kill it,I am always confused,Alright!”
“Correct,exactly,You can’t wrong a good person,I am a good young man,Can’t do this。”
Originally, the old man wanted to recruit this kid into the union,Now I completely dispel this idea,Because if you really recruit,Sooner or later I will be angry。
“Speak,What’s up with me?”
Don’t even think about it,Naturally, a busy person would not really look for him for glutton,There must be more important things that need his help。
For Xia Chenglong’s sharp thinking,The old man also admires。
But the stronger he is,The happier the old man,Because he knew he didn’t find the wrong person。
According to the current situation,He is also very satisfied with his judgment,Because no matter from breaking the formation to now,Xia Chenglong has shown enough ability。

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