“My uncle is an engineering supervisor,Delegated by the school meeting。For engineering quality,I’ve had a quarrel with Huang Laoxie’s relatives of the contractor several times。”Xiao Deng said worriedly。

“Oh!I remember,Last time your uncle flushed a wall directly with a tap,At that time, the boys in our class were all present,Applauded him。”Wang Xiaomei recalled these details,Said with a smile。
“Yes!That wall falls down as soon as it is washed with water,It’s simply a tofu project!They still don’t admit it,Saying to clean up my uncle!”Xiao Deng said angrily。
“All bad guys!Sooner or later someone will clean them up。”Xiaomei Wang also nodded,Said angrily。
“Pack up!Is your principal’s surname Huang??I know!People are very powerful in Huaihua,Has something to do with the county and city,Everything goes well!”
Unexpectedly, the man in the flower shirt next to him didn’t sleep either,I’ve been eavesdropping on the conversation between the two little girls,I couldn’t help but interject when I heard this。
The two girls were startled at first,Then he closed his mouth very tacitly,And staring at the man in the flower shirt with alert。
obviously,They suspect that the man in the flower shirt belongs to Huang Laoxie,If you pass these words to the school,To Huang Laoxie’s ears,Both of them are miserable。
“Hey,you guys,What are your eyes!do not be afraid!I know him,He doesn’t know me!I can’t say bad things about you!”The man in the flower shirt said with an awkward smile。
At this moment,Lu Menglin, who had been closing his eyes and rested, suddenly opened his eyes,Shen Sheng asked:“You are from Xinhuang Yizhong?”
This remark,Suddenly surprised the two little girls。
They only raised a vague mouth just now,Said I was from Xinhuang High School,There are three high schools in Xinhuang Town,But I never said they are one。
After all, away from home,Girls mature earlier than boys,It’s okay to be careful。
Unexpectedly, this little handsome guy called out that they are one of the Chinese,And he said just now that he had never been to Huaihua,But it can be inferred from the principal’s last name that they are students in No. 1 Middle School,This is too illogical!
Did he just sleep,You know everything about others?Totally unscientific!

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